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MUST GO! I started going to Caribbean Fit For Dance since the very first class, what can I say I thought I could dance but oh no I just “thought” I could. The instructor, Nancy is amazing! She does one on one to make sure everyone knows the moves. No dancer left behind! My favorite part is when everyone gets the moves down packed and we put it all together with the music and bam we make magic. Sign up and trust me you will not regret it xoxo

-Diana, Queens NY 

I have been taking private dance lessons with Nancy for over a year now. Her dance skills are immeasurable. This is obvious when you see her dance, but her level of professionalism and patience are also praiseworthy. As someone who has never danced, I thought it would take a long time for me to pick up even the slightest move. Nancy teaches dance not only by demonstrating moves, but also by breaking down the steps in the most simplistic ways. She explains the direction each body part should be moving in and uses analogies to help guide your body in that direction. She is the reason I am a better dancer, but beyond that I’ve gained a level of confidence I never thought I would. My only regret is not signing up sooner. If you are thinking about joining her classes or doing private lessons, you should. I am sure that anyone who joins her class will not only become a better dancer, but will also gain self-confidence. Her positive attitude and personality make the classes that much more enjoyable. She is an amazing dancer and an amazing person!
-E.L, Queens NY 
“Nancy is a great dance instructor. She is nice, charming, patient, and a great dancer. I signed up for one of her private lessons during the winter of 2017 and she, along with her amazing dancing partner, took the time to meet me up with me in cold, rainy weather and show my stiff a** how to wine. She made me feel comfortable and I had so much fun. I would recommend anybody and everybody serious about learning to dance or get fit to work with Nancy. You will be sure not to regret it.”
-Matthew, Brooklyn NY