Caribbean Fit For Dance is the perfect workout combination of Dance & Fitness. Burn calories, learn trending dance moves and have fun at the same time! We provide a safe, friendly and judgement-free environment for you to enjoy your workout. Our fitness routines includes Yoga, PIYO, HIIT, Weighted exercise, Resistance exercises, Caribbean Dance & much more! All classes are led by our amazing and talented founder, Nancy Jay.

We are excited to have you, so join us now! You can also book private lessons! Contact us for more information.

Nancy Jay

Meet our Founder and Instructor. Nancy has been dancing since the age of 3. She is well versed in many styles of dancing such as Caribbean, Bollywood, Urban, Latin and more. Nancy’s first dance performance was at the age of 8. She has performed and competed in many shows throughout the U.S and Canada where she took first place. She has also performed for NYPD events, spreading the Caribbean culture. Nancy taught her first Caribbean Dance workshop in 2012 at John Jay College. Nancy’s goal, in addition to helping those who attend her class live a happy and healthy lifestyle, is to also, promote the Caribbean/West Indian Culture through Dance & Fitness.

Fun Facts: Nancy is also an open format DJ and the Founder of Soca Addict Designs. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Law and Police Studies.